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Take advantage of the best technologies the market has to offer with a responsible, agile and innovative team that assures success. Manage your content, analyse your trafic, automate comunication and marketing processes, make more sales and offer your clients well designed, high performance and accessible solutions. Portals and Web Apps that are responsive, multibrowser, secure and easy to maintain.

We have the best digital experience platforms that use their strengths in integration and personalization to drive change across your organization.

Some of our projects



The challenge launched by Pestana Group was clear: complementing the previously implemented web strategy with new mobile apps and mobile web components, allowing a better response to the exponential use of mobile devices and  a closer interaction with consumers. The result exceeded initial expectations and holds a strong potential, not only for being an added-value to the brands positioning, but also for the e-commerce platforms revenue growth, exceeding 30% per year.


The technology behind the development of this project - SharePoint, BizTalk, PhoneGap and SQL, and its integration with technologies such as Opera Booking System, Microsoft CRM and SAP - was based on a broad understanding of customer goals.


Web portal implemented for the Estoril Tourism Association in order to promote and publicize the municipality of Cascais as well as encourage tourism.

Platform developed in Umbraco in headless mode, with Vue Frontend SPA, and a RESTful API (in .Net Web API 2) for client-server communication.



Web Portal designed for multiple resolutions, including Casa da Música information, ticket sales integration, a new Umbraco CMS-based content management system, large event calendar, audio and video integration, and a feature-driven by search that supports searches across all sources of information.


Portal integrated to the services of the Bar Association. Designed for multi-screen, allows access with different resolutions. All content is managed in a custom backoffice, which supports online content publishing.

New website and new features allow Bar Association to communicate more effectively with colleagues, who can also interact faster


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Our Offering


Create IT's strategy is to put technology at the service of innovation by creating business-support online solutions.

SmartPortals is the proper platform for portals development thanks to its extensibility, making it ideal to support solutions that integrate with our clients' systems.

Based on Umbraco CMS, open source content management technology, SmartPortals allows content managers to work in an agile way and has the ability to support several types of information, due to its scalability characteristics.

Portuguese market references are the Bar Association Portal, the Luz Saúde Customer Portal and the Casa da Música Website, the latter probably being one of the largest information architectures made in Portugal with Umbraco CMS.

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Portals and Web Apps: SmartPortals

Complex & Business Critical Integrations

Automate, integrate and get new insights for your business. 

In the past years, we’ve been working hard on providing EAI and B2B solutions for a broad set of industries from banking to healthcare, hospitality or retail. With a team of 15+ years of experience and recognized Microsoft Gold Partners for Application Integration, we know how to build complete end-to-end enterprise solutions to address your needs; and we know how to automate your key external processes. Now, imagine if we bring some intelligence to your integration platform. What insights can we extract to improve your business?

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Enterprise Integration


  • Proven experience in building and integrating e-commerce solutions for the Retail and Hospitality industries
  • Secure integration with the most relevant payment gateways
  • Custom e-commerce solutions creation to meet your specific business requirements
  • Intelligence integration in your e-commerce solution through machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence capabilities
  • Our knowledge in both on-premises and cloud integration technologies is crucial to develop scalable and connected e-commerce platforms
  • We are the right team for the job!

Enterprise Content Management

Updating your project with new content should be intuitive, fast and fun. Flexibility in content management allows you to create a personalized editing experience for your publishers so they can publish their great work to the world with a confident smile on their face.

Benefit from a Multisite & Multilanguage content manager with a backend structure similar to the frontend. Preview content before publishing it. Use dynamic forms with workflows, media capabilities, and more.

Enterprise Content Management

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